How to Kill Cotton Parasites on Skin and Clothes

Parasites always need a host to live and feed upon. Cotton gets parasite in the fields where they serve as an insecticide and then at times these parasites are carried all the way into the garment. Once the garment is worn by somebody, these parasites are transferred to the skin and may cause harm to the body and skin itself. However, you should not panic if you suspect parasites in your clothes or skin as these can be easily gotten rid of. If you are going to clean parasites from your clothes then you will need paper bag, oven and a bowel of water. On the other hand, if you are seeking to get rid of any parasites from your skin then all you need is a scabies topical cream.


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    How to kill Parasites on Clothes

    - The parasites on clothes can be killed by heating them in the oven. For this, open your oven and remove one rack. Place a bowl of water on the next to the lowest rack. Put some clothes in a paper bag and roll it top down and then staple shut. While putting the clothing, make sure you place them article-wise which means; all shirts in one bag, all pants in another bag and all undergarments in another. Pre heat the oven to 250 degrees. Bake the bags one by one, each for 13 hours and check after every few hours that they don’t get scorched. Do check the water and refill it whenever required. After you are done with heating / baking, remove the clothes from the oven and wash and dry them. This would remove the dead parasites.

    - You can also kill the parasites by freezing them down. Adjust your freezer to the highest freezing temperature. Now place the clothes in the freezer but wrap or foil the eatables so they don’t get the parasites. Leave the clothes for 24 hours if the temperature of the freezer is set at -31 degrees Fahrenheit. If it has a temperature of -4 degrees then keep the clothes in the freezer for 7 days to get rid of the parasites.

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    How to Kill Parasites on Skin

    - Parasites can be removed from the skin by taking a shower and applying scabies cream on the skin. Take a very hot shower. This will wipe some parasites off your body, and open up the pores of your body so the cure can be started. Dry yourself completely. Now apply the scabies topical cream as mentioned on the label.  It would help you get rid off your parasites.

    - Another effective homemade remedy is the application of turmeric powder on the troubled area. One may also apply medicated powders like boric powder on the area. You may also include garlic in your routine diet to help get rid of skin parasites.

    - One can also consult a dermatologist and receive a medication programme or course from a doctor to help get rid of the skin parasites.

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