How to Know If You are Depressed

Depression hurts tens of thousands of people each year, and people who suffer from it normally have to face pretty bad consequences if they do not act sensibly. In order to beat depression, the person suffering from it should see a psychiatric before the problem worsens. However, it is common that most of the affected people wait longer than enough before they are forced to find proper medical treatment. Depression, in the past few years, has become more common than ever before, causing psychology experts to call it “common cold” of human mental health.


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    Sleep disorders

    Are you having trouble falling asleep these days? If so, you are likely to have some form of depression. Sleep disorder cannot be associated with depression all the time, but if you cannot go to sleep due to feeling low, frustration, worry or sadness, depression may well be waiting to surround you.

    Sleep disorder is probably one of the most common problems to check for depression in a person. If you are having trouble sleeping at night occasionally, you should still see a doctor.

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    Sudden mood changes

    Sudden mood changes have a lot to do with depression. If you are feeling like you cannot control your emotions and lashing out at others without any reason has become a habit lately, then you are likely suffering from some kind of depression. It is common for a person to go through mood change, but if you burst into anger every now and then, you cannot classify this feeling as non-depressive.

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    Do you like isolation so much?

    If you have started to like isolation lately, you could be suffering from depression. Although every person needs isolation some time, hating interaction with people and feeling fear for no reason is something that should alert you. A depressed person usually feels low and finds it difficult to interact with people.

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    Weight loss

    Depressive feelings in a person can make them feel weak physically. Losing weight is a common symptom for depression. Depression drains your energy, and if you realize that you can skip meals without having to worry about hunger, there is something really wrong not only with your physical health, but also with your mental health.

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    If you are experiencing abnormal nervous behaviour, you are most likely to be suffering from depression. A person having anxiety may feel unknown fear or worry about imminent death all the time.

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