How to Know if your Baby is Choking

Babies, from the age of one to four years are usually prone to chocking. This is because they put different objects in their mouth while crawling. Babies can also choke if anything gets stuck in their throat whether it’s a piece of bread or fruit cereal.

The most common cause of choking is the blockage of the larynx with water or food particles. However, this type of choking usually lasts only a few moments.

Another reason behind choking is shortness of breath which particularly occurs when the baby has a sore throat. Follow some easy techniques to determine if your baby is choking.


  • 1

    To determine whether the baby is choking or not, observe his/her movement at night and make sure that whether he/she is breathing good air and looking comfortable. Always sleep next to your baby in case you want to check whether he/she is choking. If you observe that the baby is choking while sleeping, get him/her out of the bed and give them something to drink.

  • 2

    Install video cameras in his/her room and place a monitor or television for a video output at the place where you spend most of your day for example in the kitchen, lounge, basement etc.

  • 3

    Keep a wireless set near the baby with Bluetooth technology and connect it to your hands free. This will facilitate you in many ways but you have to remember to charge both devices every day.

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    Carefully observe the baby after feeding him/her. There’s a possibility that an object will come out of his/her mouth while coughing but it does not, then quickly turn your baby upside down.

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