How to Know Your Odds of Having Twins

A lot of women trying to get pregnant are interested in knowing what their chances are of conceiving twins. Having a baby and becoming a mother is one of the great joys that a woman can feel. However, there is one thing that can bring even joy to a woman, especially one who is extremely fond of children and that is to give birth to twins.

If you are curious in learning about your odds of giving birth to twins, then there are certain things that you need to access.


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    If your family is loaded with twins, then there is a good chance that you will conceive twins as well. Heredity is without any doubt one of the biggest factors in determining the odds when it comes to twins. Keep in mind that the fact that your partner has a long list of twins in his family tree would not really make any impact on your chances of having twins, since it is only the mother’s side of the family that matters.

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    If you are an African-American woman, you clearly have a better chance of conceiving twins as compared to the Caucasians, Asians or Hispanic. The Asians and Hispanic in particular have the lowest chance of giving birth to twins. There is no need to lose hope if you belong to either of the two ethnicities, since lesser probability of conceiving twins does not mean that there are no chances of having them at all.

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    The odds of giving birth to twins rise if you have been pregnant before. The odds continue to go up with each subsequent pregnancy.

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    Older women are at better odds of having twins as compared to younger women. Research has proven that the odds of conceiving twins go up with age. The explanation for this, as given by the researchers, is that women over the age of 35 produce more FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) as compared to women of lesser age. The hormone increases the likelihood of more than one egg getting released in a single cycle.

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    If you had twins before, the chances for you to have another pair of twins is doubled. The notion that lightning does not hit the same place twice has proven to be incorrect, so keep your fingers crossed.

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    The taller you are, the more chances you have of conceiving twins. This too is something that has been revealed by studies.

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