How to Laugh for Your Health

Life can be so tough and tiring at times that we forget to do basic things like laugh or smile. The comforts and luxuries which we enjoy today should have made life easier for people around the world, but quite unfortunately, this is not the case. Every second or third person is suffering from some form of depression or anxiety, and this is one of the major reasons why the physical health of the masses is also deteriorating.

Evidence from a variety of recent researches suggests that laughter is a great tool for relieving stress, and can take your mind off all the tensions in life. If you can learn to laugh often, you will have a much more peaceful life as compared to someone who keeps worrying about tomorrow and forgets to enjoy the present.


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    Be content with what you have

    It will be extremely difficult for you to laugh for the sake of your health if you are always caught up in the pursuit of materialistic needs and desires. Everyone has the right to work hard and earn a reasonable living; however, it is surely not wise to ruin your life running after extravagant things, without  enjoying the small but precious moments of life. Once you come back home from work, you should relax your mind and be content with what you have, instead of always looking for more.

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    Play with the kids

    If you have kids, you will most probably not have to work very hard to laugh. Take some time out to play with your kids regularly, and they will naturally make you laugh. Get lost in playing with them, and feel free to behave like a child with the kids - this will help you take your attention off all the stressful day to day matters.

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    Laugh at your own self

    When you are not left with any other options, you should see the funny side of your own failures or any awkward situation you happen to find yourself in. However, this can be quite a challenging task.

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    Think about the funniest moments in your life

    Every one of us has undergone different experiences in life, and we have all come across certain situations which will remain fixed in our memories for the rest of our lives. Whenever you are sad or suffering from ill health, you should think about the funniest moments in your life, and enjoy a good laugh.

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    You should read different kinds of jokes to relax. On top of that, if you feel sick or happen to be in low spirits, you should spend more time with friends who have a great sense of humour.

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