How to Laugh With Girls

Laughing around girls without feeling obnoxious or self-conscious can be quite challenging, especially if you are really shy. Just being around girls if you are not used to hanging around them can make you feel extremely uneasy and tensed. You start worrying that you may end up doing or saying something that will make them find you weird and step away from you. Feeling this way will make it next to impossible for you to laugh around them. You will either try to suppress your laughter, turn or face or hide it behind your hands. You need to get over your shyness and being confident around girls. You need to build up the confidence to laugh whenever and as much as you want while hanging out with them.


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    Before you get down to the point of learning how to laugh with girls, you need to be with girls. This is something quite obvious. If you do not have any girls around you, you cannot possibly laugh with them. Start hanging out with girls at school or if you are an outgoing person, choose to go to place that is known as a popular female hangout. Even if do not have a girlfriends, there is nothing to worry about. Girls are just as easy to talk to as guys. You just have to take an initiative and show them that you are interested in talking to them and being around them.

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    Once you have gotten yourself around girls and hanging out with them, you can start working on your confidence so that you start feel at ease. There is no need to feel conscious or tensed around girls, since they do not bite. Do not believe what you see in the Hollywood films based on high-school. Majority of the girls are not snobs and will not judge you on petty things. You will have to do something really awkward to give yourself a reason to feel conscious around them.

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    After you have convinced yourself that there is no reason to feel conscious, go ahead and laugh when you feel that something is funny. Rather than waiting for others to initiate the laughter, take the initiative. Even if the girls around you do not join you in laughter, it does not make any difference. You should not show yourself off as someone who is extremely self-conscious. Feel free to express yourself.

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    While you are laughing, there is no need to hide your face in your hands or behind something else. There is no need to turn it away either. Laughing openly in front of others will give them the satisfaction that you trust them enough to express yourself freely while around them.

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    Instead of being around girls who you do not feel comfortable with, find girls with whom you can be yourself. You will have less trouble in getting over your self-consciousness and laughing around them.

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