How to Launch a Credit Card Revolt

The basic meaning of the word ‘Revolt’ is to renounce allegiance or subjection as revolutionaries would against an evil dictatorship in the favour of democracy. In the case of revolting against credit card companies, the situation is a little different because it may seem like it is an easy thing to do, but not all people may be able to handle the pressure that comes with as a consequence of such decisions.

Credit card companies can change their policies and terms and conditions at any time, which is why many people choose either pay them off, cancel them or decide to take a much bigger step by organizing a revolt against them.


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    Learn by Examples

    There have been quite a few examples throughout the past few years, especially during the peak of the economic crises where people had decided to revolt against credit card companies and take up arms against their unforgiving policies. In some cases, interest rates have gone up by more than 30 percent, which is inappropriate in every sense of the word. Compare what you need and how you see yourself with some of the people who have done so in the past and currently are and even contacting them could help you out a lot.

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    Find People of Similar Interests

    Having people of similar interests is really the way to go during any sort of revolt. Being the only one will not be a guarantee that you are able to secure your rights and have your demands met, which is why a group of people backing your thoughts is of utmost necessity.

    For example, in the city of Seattle, there is a Credit Card Holders United group that has launched a campaign and wants a number of reforms met which would be that interest rates should be defined and printed somewhere on the card, along with having shorter and more readable contracts along with the capping of interest rates.

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    Begin the Revolt

    Using social media is a great way to get your voice heard to the masses and be recognizing by the companies you are planning to revolt against. Making your problems very clear with substantial proof is the best way to go about it and will most certainly help in having your demands met and allow for a smooth solution. Staying determined is key here as backing out and being lazy will only make your stance weaker in the eyes of those corporations.

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