How to Learn to Speak French

You do not need to travel to Paris or Quebec, in a bid to learn to speak the language of love – French.

In fact, you can do the same right at your own home, no matter which city and country you live in.

You can make your children learn to speak French language by following some simple rules; defined in this article. It is commonly said that the key to success is try, try and try. The same concept applied to French language learning process, as repetition becomes the base for good spoken French skills.


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    Visit a nearby superstore and purchase index cards or sticky notes, which you can use to label everything at your home with their respective French names. This may make your home look a bit weird. However, it will enforce French on you, along with your children, whenever they get your attention.

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    You should also start learning French grammar from the very beginning. For that purpose, you do not need to follow the typical way of reading from books. In fact, you can try a different and interesting way, in which you can create different flashcards with various parts of speech. Always try to use the adjective that agree with the gender of the noun being used.

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    Once you, along with your children, are done with learning the fundamentals of the language, such as running vocabulary, and basic grammar, you should start speaking French for extended periods, and start forgoing English language. You can set some specific time intervals in which you make a rule that you cannot speak English.  In addition to that, you should not slip back to English if you do not know the French word for anything. In fact, you should look it up and use accordingly.

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    You can also listen to different French tapes, when you are done with learning basics of the language. It will not only enhance your listening skills, but also, it will help in improving your pronunciation of different French words.

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    Practise is the key to success in learning better spoken French skills. Therefore, you should read different French magazines, newspapers and literature to better understand the language. If you face any difficulty in finding French Texts, then you can also use different online tools to translate a particular text to French, or browse different French websites.

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