How to Lease a Helicopter for Travel

If you would need to use a helicopter for some reason but can not purchase it, your best shot would be to lease one. However, there are a number of things which you will need to take into consideration before you can lease a helicopter. You would need to do some research and then take care of some legal aspects after consulting your lawyer. An important thing that has to be kept in mind before leasing a helicopter is that you will be responsible for gas, oil, general maintenance, parking and cleaning of the helicopter.


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    Start by determining the company from which you want to lease the helicopter because there may be more than one companies in your area which lease helicopters. You would want to investigate a number of companies and then choose the one that you think would be best for you. You may want to use an online search engine such as Google for this purpose.

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    Call the company which you choose and arrangement to meet on their representatives in person. Discuss the type of helicopter which you want to lease and ask for any suggestions that the representative may have to offer. You should discuss things such as the number of passengers the helicopter would be able to accommodate; speed and endurance of the helicopter and of course the cost that you will have to bear.

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    Inquire into the level of experience of the helicopter team. The team will be provided by the leasing company. This can be crucial because the experience of the helicopter crew comes into play if for some reason, things get out of hand.

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    In case your deal is a dry lease, another aspect you would want to look into is the insurance for the helicopter. Ask your insurance agent to provide you details about coverage. Alternatively, you can also purchase insurance if necessary before leasing the helicopter.

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    Make sure that your lawyer thoroughly reads the terms and conditions of the helicopter lease agreement. There may be clauses in the agreement that might look simple to you but only your lawyer would be able to determine what exactly you are going to sign.

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    Arrange another meeting and sign the helicopter lease agreement in the presence of your lawyer if possible.

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