How to Lease a New Car Cheaply

There are various factors which ultimately affect your ability to get a new car on the cheap, especially if you want to lease it. However, by weighing the pros and cons of a lease agreement you can opt for leasing a vehicle rather than buying it and paying every penny upfront.


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    Determine the car that fits your needs

    When going the leasing route, it is essential that you look for cars that meet your family requirements. However, if you require a vehicle for personal use, and have a limited budget, then find one which does not devalue substantially after the lease agreement ends. Here it is necessary that you keep your emotions in check and spend money wisely by opting for the right car.

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    Shop around

    This scenario is applied universally when one talks about buying a car. It is important that you watch market trends - search the web, and get in touch with multiple dealers. For instance, buying a model which is likely to be replaced with a new one in the near future may not be a good long term buy when it comes to purchasing new car. While the prices may be lower, the dealers and manufactures will have an incentive to sell them quickly. However, if the model is a popular one, you may be better off buying that vehicle as the value will not depreciate quickly.

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    Don’t focus on monthly payments

    A hard and fast rule when it comes to leasing is to avoid paying attention to monthly payments. As a dealer, the ideal way to keep customers happy is to offer them the desired monthly payments but in longer term, you are just paying extra money. However, this option may be viable if you are paying higher percentage in down payment, which in turn will reduce your monthly bills.

    For a general rule, it is important that you bargain for a lease, just as you would do for a car when you are purchasing it outright.

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    Promotional Deals

    For most people looking for a cheap lease, it is essential that you look for promotional deals. Many manufactures go this route time and to keep their target audience loyal. However, make sure you research for any such offers on the internet or local news paper.

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    Maintaining good credit history

    Apart from other factors, your credit history may go a long way in helping you get better lease deals. Obtain your latest credit score and you may be lucky enough to find a dealer who wants to sell cars instantly.

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