How to Left Side Parallel Park in Five Easy Steps

Parking for many drivers remains the most difficult element of driving. If however you understand the basic rules and tricks, then parking is not such a difficult task. Parallel parking is one of the most important and necessary manoeuvres on the car, which a driver should be able to perform especially before getting a driving license.

Parallel parking can, sometimes, cause a lot of problem even for experienced drivers. Although if you analyse in detail all its principles, it turns out that it is not so difficult.  You only need to spare some time out of your busy schedule every day to master the art.


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    While passing the exam in driving school you must have completed this exercise in a specialized area prepared for this purpose. In reality, the principle of action is the same. Only instead of racks, you are required to park the car in between real cars in the city that are in front and behind you. In such circumstances it is necessary to know the ways of parallel parking.

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    Put your car on a level with the next car. The distance from the edge of the body with the other car should be at least half a meter. Now reverse the car, try not to hurry up and slowly move backwards. Be prepared to press the brake pedal at any moment.

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    Turn the steering wheel to the right in order to left side Parallel Park after watching the movement of the car carefully. Continue moving in backward position for as long as you see in the left rear-view mirror.

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    Now set the wheels in a straight position by turning the steering wheel to the left. Slowly roll back and try to look at the left rear fender of your car if it is aligned to the front left corner of the car.

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    Approaching close, gently apply the brakes and let the wheels in the same position, to turn to the left. You can also set the wheels straight and drive forward a bit. Remember that the whole process of movement should be performed at the lowest speed possible.

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