How to Lighten Embarrassing Blemishes With Lightening Cream

Embarrassing freckles, unsightly moles, and dark liver spots are some of the major skin blemishes that can put a person into a curiosity complex and take a toll on the self confidence. These blemishes can be a result of aging, use of low quality creams and cosmetics, exposure to the sun or perhaps a genetic issue and while there are many treatments, including laser therapy, available to deal with this problem, they can be very expensive.

In order to get rid of this problem in a more cost effective way, use of a good quality lightning is recommended. The effect would not be as quick as achieved by various treatments, but if the prescribed method is followed, removal of these stains is a guarantee.


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    Choose a trusted lightning product

    Stay clear of any products which can produce a harsh reaction on your skin. The products should not have hydroquinone and mercury and should treat discoloration without melanin production. The ideal thing is that your selected product should be made of only natural substances.

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    Do a patch test

    Before testing the product directly on your face, it is recommended that the product should be used on a part of your body that is hidden. This will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of the product, and will also give you a dry run of how to use it.

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    Follow the application guidelines religiously

    Select the areas on the face which need to lightened, and apply the cream with your finger tip or a specially designed applicator that comes with the product. Make sure that you apply the cream only to the desired spots; otherwise the bleaching effect of this cream can result in discolouration.

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    Take care of the affected spots

    After the product has been used at the desired spots, they become softer and more prone to irritation and infections. The remedy is to take good care. Please ensure that the affected areas are covered with a sun block whenever you go out to prevent burning, darkening of the sun, and irritation. Use of a moisturizer on the affected areas is also recommended, especially for people who have dry skin.

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    Know when to stop

    The exact a product will need to take effect can be gauged and is more situation dependant. The wise thing to do is to keep a close look on your progress, and when you think that the problem is close to getting eliminated; it’s time for you to stop. Extra usage can result in permanent discolouration.

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