How to Lighten Your Complexion

Everyone desires to look beautiful and attractive. There are different concepts of attractiveness in different parts of the world. In some regions or cultures, light complexion is considered as a symbol of beauty. There are many factors that contribute to a dark complexion, with the sun being the major reason behind dark spots on skin.

However, with a little extra care and a few simple steps, you can lighten your complexion considerably and prevent it from deteriorating any further.


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    Buy a nice sunscreen and do not forget to apply it on your skin before you go outside in the sun. Some people believe that sunscreen is necessary only in summers but they should be used in any weather as long as you are exposed to the sunlight.

    Do not use unbranded and ordinary sunscreens. Go for the highest quality even if you have to pay a little more.

    In summers, it is highly recommended that you wear a wide hat, which protects your head and face from sun.

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    Skin-lightening creams

    Almost all the major cosmetic lines have their own skin-lightening creams, which are extremely useful. Buy a cream or a lotion and apply that on your skin every day, especially after taking a shower or going out in the sun.

    Some of these creams include a small quantity of hydroquinone.  According to some latest studies, it can be dangerous for the skin if used consistently for a long period of time. If you are not prepared to take a risk with hydroquinone, select products having mulberry extract, burberry extract, licorice extract and kojic acid. All these ingredients greatly help in lightening the skin.

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    Exfoliate your facial skin

    Using a facial scrub, you should exfoliate your facial skin at least twice a week. It helps you get rid of dead skin, which hampers skin and complexion. Vitamin C, according to latest researches, plays a vital role in lightening the skin. Therefore, you can use a facial serum which contains vitamin C.

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    Avoid sun

    If you want to lighten your skin, you should look to avoid sun as much as possible. You should wear full sleeved shirts and socks whenever you go outside in the sun.

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    Diet also plays an important role in lightening your skin. Instead of having junk food, you should mostly look to have vegetables and fruits, which are enriched with vitamins. Proper water intake also cleanses the skin and helps keep it light and glowing.

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