How To Listen Better During a Conversation

Listening is a very important part of a conversation. Communication loses its purpose if the people involved in it do not understand what is being said. While this seems quite basic, a lot of people forget to listen and understand, while focusing only on their own words and thoughts.


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    Stay focused on the conversation. If you allow other thoughts and concerns outside of the conversation to fog your mind, you will have little to no idea about what the speaker is saying. Concentrate only on the topic under discussion and make an effort to grasp each and every word that is being said.

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    Do not interrupt the speaker during a conversation. This is considered rude and can also lead to miscommunication. If you have something important to say, wait until the other person is finished talking and then speak. Wait for your turn instead of cutting the other person off half-way through what he was saying. Interruption can sometimes lead to misinformation and misunderstanding as well, which can consequently result in severe consequences.

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    Make an effort to understand the point of view of the other person instead of simply trying to get yourself understood. Becoming selfish and refusing to acknowledge the feelings and opinions of the other person can aggravate the situation, especially if you and your conversation partner have reached an impasse.

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    Encourage the speaker through your body language. Assure the speaker from time to time that you are listening to what is being said by nodding your head. Maintain a relaxed body posture and face expression during the conversation.

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    Turn off the TV set or turn the sound to mute so that it does not distract you during the conversation. You do not want to miss an important line just because of something interesting on the TV screen caught your attention.

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    Maintain an eye contact with the speaker. This will assure him of your attentiveness.

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