How to Listen to Music Online for Free

If you are a music lover but don’t have enough money to buy original CDs and DVDs from music stores or to pay online to listen to your favorite songs, you can simply create a free account of some specific websites which provide free of cost music experience to the users. In fact, for some websites, you don’t even have to create any account as you can simply listen to your favorite songs by searching for them.


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    It is the most popular free music website and you can enjoy any genre of music there. The website contains over a million songs and you can listen to your favorite tracks at any time and any place without paying any money. Moreover, Spotify also provides an app which you can download in your system and can operate from your desktop to listen to music. However, it is only available for the users in the United States of America. Additionally, if you want to use mobile services of Spotify, you will require a premium account.

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    It is also a very famous free music website. You can easily search for your favorite songs by filtering the results according to genre, artist or composer. Besides, you can also listen to your favorite radio station on Pandora. There are around 100 unique radio stations available on the website. In addition to that, you can download free music apps for your Smartphone from Pandora.

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    It is a great free music website at which you can not only listen to your favorite songs but can also download them. It also provides you the option to tune into different radio stations at any time. You can download various music apps from the website for your Smartphone, Xbox or tablets.

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    It doesn’t only allow you to listen to music but also gives you an option to create your own playlists which you can also share with your friends on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

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    It contains more than 15 million songs and keeps its lists updated with the latest releases of pop and rock artists. It also provides music apps for mobile phones.

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