How to Live a Life without Tension

What is tension?

Is it the aftershock of things which have happened in the past, both on the personal and professional front? Or, is it the worry of what is yet to come?

When we talk about eliminating tension from our lives, the first thing which we need to do, is to dig about what actually makes us tense. If you reach to a conclusion, it is a good first step.

Now ponder on whether the reason behind the stress is actually worth all the trouble.

If the answer is no, you have found the solution. But, if it yes, then we have a problem which needs to be sorted out. Now, whether you sort out that problem while destroying your routine or you do it like a cool, calm and an intelligent person is entirely up to you. While many people would take the second option in a blink of an eye, the reality is that all of us stress ourselves because of minor and petty issues and our nervous energy badly affects the other, perhaps more important, issue in our lives.

So how to make our lives tension free even when we are faced with hurdles? The answer is simple, just believe in yourself and adopt a few techniques which help you relax.


  • 1

    Solve the problem now

    If there is an issue which needs to be taken care of, tackle it now, rather than later. The longer you will drag the matter, the greater will be the complications and the intensity of that heart sinking feeling will keep on increasing. So why wait?

  • 2

    Learn to Relax

    There are some things which despite your best effort cannot be changed. It’s called destiny. So when your situation does not go according to the plan, there is no need to make long face and sit around all day doing nothing. Indulge in something which relaxes you, may be a workout, or a chat with your loved ones.

  • 3

    What’s the worst that can happen?

    If you are apprehensive about an issue that can go awry in future, just stop, and sort out the worst case scenario. The next step is to prepare for that, and accept what could be a potential reality. Once you convince your mind, the body will start to relax, and the tension will gradually fade away.

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