How to Locate Caliper Bolts When Changing Brake Pads

If you ever find yourself in need of changing the brake pads of your vehicle, you first need to locate and then remove the caliper bolts. This will allow you to lift the calipers and thus reveal the break pads so that they can be changed. Most people take their vehicles to an auto workshop for this purpose. However, it is something you can accomplish at home with only basic knowledge about the model and make of your vehicle.

Things Required:

– Socket set
– Screwdriver
– Brake cleaner


  • 1

    You will need to work underneath the vehicle for this task. Determine the best way to keep your vehicle lifted above the ground. You can either use jacks for this purpose or you can take the help of a power lifter if you have one in your garage. The latter option is easier because using a power lifter allows you to work in an upright position.

  • 2

    Remove lug nuts from the wheels, one after the other. Be sure to keep all the nuts at a safe place such as the vehicle’s wheel hubcap because you will have to install the nuts back onto their original position once you are done.

  • 3

    Get underneath the car and give the brake system a close look. Identify brake system parts such as the rotor, the caliper and brake pads.

  • 4

    Find the caliper and the caliper brackets. These parts of the brake system are held in place with caliper bolts.

  • 5

    Carefully run your hand over the rear part of the caliper and try feeling for a couple of bolts. If you are wearing gloves, remove them so that you can easily feel the shape of the caliper bolts underneath the tips of your fingers.

  • 6

    A rubber seal will be covering the top part of both the caliper bolts. The purpose of this seal is to prevent the bolts from corroding. Scrape off that seal and move on to the next step. Use a screw driver for this purpose.

  • 7

    Loosen the caliper bolts with an appropriate tool from the socket set and swing up the caliper. This will reveal the brake plates.

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