How to Look Like a True Thrash Metalhead

Listening to bands like Sepultura, Megadeth, Sacred Reich, Anthrax, Slayer and Exodus, headbanging to their music in your room, in the car, with your friends, and enthusiastically working your way down to the mosh pit at every thrash metal concert you attend, are surefire signs that you are a true thrash metalhead at heart. However, if you also wish to make your preferences known publically, and want to flaunt your love for thrash metal, you can extend your love for the genre by adopting a look that screams “thrash metalhead”.


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    Start by making sure you buy the right fabrics. Stop buying clothes that are made of airy, lightweight fabrics – opt for the thicker, tougher, more durable stuff. Denim and leather are the most basic components of a thrash metalhead’s wardrobe, so stock up on these. Buy lots of black or stone-washed jeans, and make sure you have at least one motorcycle jacket, laden with pins and buttons that are emblazoned with the names of thrash metal bands.

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    Purchase lots of plain black t-shirts, and dark denim jackets. You can then “thrash” them up by sewing patches of band logos onto them, or using fabric paints or markers to scrawl band names or lyrics onto them.  If you can’t be bothered to put in so much effort, however, just buy official thrash metal band clothing. In addition to t-shirts, it is also essential to have a couple of sleeveless denim vests in your closet.

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    Buy camouflage pants – these are compulsory, in order to create that tough, no-nonsense look. An Army Navy surplus store is a great place to visit for this purpose, and you can easily buy fatigues from here. In addition, you can also invest in army field jackets, to add a nice finishing touch to the look.

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    Finally, as far as shoes are concerned, invest in a pair of black mid-calf Doc Marten boots. The more well-worn the pair is, the better it will fit in with your thrash metalhead look, so don’t try to maintain your boots, or keep them clean. You can also opt to tuck your jeans into the boots, to give your look a rougher edge.

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