How to Look Like Taylor Swift

There is just no appreciation for originality anymore. In fact, everyone wants to look like other people and this is something that needs to be kept in check.

However, while it is still going about like a normal thing, you need to learn how to look like your favourite celebrities. One person who women want to be like is Taylor Swift.

Now just why people want to look like her, is rather amazing given how she has her fair share of problems. However, in order to really look like her, you need to almost mirror her every move and feel just like she does all the time. This is going to be a little challenging, but it is something that can easily be done.


  • 1

    Have terrible relationships

    Now the one thing Taylor Swift is really popular for is her terrible relationships. She just can’t seem to maintain a relationship and for you to be like her, this is exactly what you also have to do.

    Remember to go into a relationship, then be terrible at it, and then watch it fall apart. Once this happens, you re going to emotionally be on the same level as her and will be able to channel the same energy that she gets.

    Now this is going to be very hard for you to do, so spend some time at it and get into as many terrible relationships as you can.

  • 2

    Be anorexic

    Now Taylor Swift is known to be one of the most oddly skinny women around. She practically doesn’t eat anything at all, and is rather light weight.

    So in order to be like her, you need to drop as much weight as you can. This is going to make you question yourself and just why it is that you are trying to be like her in the first place. However, don’t give up just yet, just push through and you will be on your way.

  • 3

    Get blonde hair and wear skinny person clothes

    The last thing you need to do, is to make sure you have blonde hair. Either dye them that colour, or make sure you are born with them. Now get a very typical white woman hair cut while you are at it.

    Now the next thing is to get clothes made only for skinny people. These are the type of clothes that she wears, and these are the type of clothes you should buy.

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