How to Lose Neck Fat

Neck fat comes across as making a person appear bulky and look far more than his actual age. It not only is a dent in one’s smartness but is also the onset of obesity. One can, however, get rid of one’s neck fat and retain one’s smartness by sticking through a guideline. Not to worry, as this guideline only includes a set of daily exercises, general health tips and do’s and don’ts of a healthy and nutritious diet aiming to reduce the neck fat. If you are tired of your neck fat then you can get rid of it by adhering to the below mentioned guideline.


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    Work-out and excercise

    Work out and build muscles. Muscles will augment your body metabolism and will help you lose weight. Work outs also help in burning calories. Start performing aerobics or cardiovascular exercises. Simple exercises like running, jumping rope would serve the purpose. If you fear you have joint conditions then you may take part in games like tennis or swimming.

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    Do the "Rolling Bridge" Exercise to Target the Neck

    Rolling bridge is a great exercise to help you get rid of your neck fat. It is quite simple, stand with your face to the wall and feet wide apart so that they are in line with your shoulders. Hold a towel to the wall and look toward your feat while placing the top or upper part of your head to the centre of the towel. Now spin / rotate your head and your body.

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    Attempt "Lying Bridges" And Lose Neck Fat!

    Lying bridges is yet another great technique to do away with that unpleasant neck fat. Lie on your back. Position your hands on the side of your head / ears. Your elbows will be a bend in your elbows and your fingers will look towards your feet.  Next, lift your hips up so that gradually all the weight transfers to the back of your head. Stay in that position for a few seconds. Repeat this exercise between 5 to 10 times.

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    Avoid fattening food

    Stop consuming unhealthy or fatty foods. This means you should stay away from deep-fried food, alcohol and processed food. Instead of overeating 2 or three times a day, why not go for having 5 or even 6 meals per day. Don’t forget to drink water in plenty.

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    Eat Healthy

    Foods that are high in nutrition value and have lower saturated fat. This simply means that your diet should contain vegetables, nuts, fruits, seeds, nuts, beans, legumes, fish and lean meat (skinless chicken and turkey breast). Prefer using low fat dairy products and try using olive oil.

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