How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy

Pregnancy requires proper attention towards the health and food of the mother in order to have good impact on the expected baby. Indeed, it is not the condition to follow a restrictive diet with the intention of losing weight. However, it is very important to gain only healthy weight that is about 25 to 35 pounds for an average size woman. If you exceed the suggested weight during pregnancy, it can have negative impact on you and your child. In an over-weight pregnancy woman finds it difficult to sit, stand or more. On the other hand light walk and exercises are necessary during this phase of life. Even the well-known doctors suggest safe weight loss while pregnant. So, do not worry and follow the given below safe steps to lose weight during pregnancy.


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    Healthy Eating

    The very first step towards secure weight loss during pregnancy involves the intake of healthy diet. Moreover, a well-balanced diet provides you and your expected baby with all the required helpful nutrients. Make sure not to take junk, oily, processed and high calorie foods. You can eat small BUT frequent meals per day during pregnancy. Given below is the list of foods that you can and cannot eat during pregnancy:

    Foods to eat: Eat fruits except papaya and grapes, vegetables, starchy carbohydrate-rich foods, beans, lentils, legumes, nuts, seeds, wholegrain foods, and dairy foods.

    Foods not to eat: Alcoholic drinks, Unpasteurized Dairy and Juices, Raw or Seared Seafood, hot dogs, raw eggs, high-mercury fish, raw sprouts, soft or blue cheese, papaya, grapes, sushi, peanuts, liver and herbal teas or supplements.

    Note: Only eat when you are starving.

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    Pregnancy Exercises

    The pregnancy exercises not only help you in keeping your weight under control or losing extra fats but also lend a hand building the required stamina for the labor pain. Given below are the lists of the exercises that you can or cannot do during pregnancy:

    Exercises to do: yoga, stretching, aerobics, walking, swimming, running, jogging, pelvic tilt exercises, stomach-strengthening exercises, and riding the stationary bike, and Taylor exercises etc.

    Note: Make sure not to overdo any of the mentioned exercise during pregnancy.

    Exercises to avoid: riding the regular bike, sit ups, pushups, lying flat on your back, vigorous abdominal activities, jumping, jerky movements, downhill skiing, horse riding and running etc.

    Recommendation: 30 to 40 minutes walk per is the best and safe exercise for mothers.

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    Take part in household activities

    If you do not feel comfortable or do not have time for the pregnancy exercise, then the best thing you can do is “take part in light household activities.”

    Note: Make sure you are not taking part in tiring household activities, especially during the last months of pregnancy.

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    Keep your body hydrated

    Drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water and 3 to 4 glasses of natural pure juices is the best option to keep your body hydrated during pregnancy. The liquids stimulate the process of metabolism and as a result the extra fats in your body burn.

    Note: Avoid caffeine drinks, carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks, unsaturated milk and herbal teas or drinks.

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    Proper sleep and stress free life

    Proper sleep and a stress free life during pregnancy are very essential for reducing weight. Stress leads to starvation and as a result you end up in over eating.

    Note: It is better to sleep on one side while pregnant.

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