How to Lower the Trolling Motor on a Bass Tracker Boat

A trolling motor is a great thing to keep your boat in control, especially when you are facing a strong gust of wind, or moving against a current. Moreover, it also helps in maintaining boat’s position in swirling area of the water. However, lowering the trolling motor is one of the difficult things to do on the boat, especially when you do not know how to properly do it. It does not matter whether your trolling motor has foot pedals or not, you will have to lower it manually, in any case. Therefore, it is really important to know the right way to do so, in order to avoid getting tired.


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    Before you lower the motor, you should make sure that it is turned off. Check its power switch and turn it off. If you start lowering it without turning it off, you may cause damage to it.

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    You will find a rope handle attached to the mounting frame of your trolling motor. Grasp it firmly.

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    You can now start lowering the motor, while making sure that you have complete control over the grip. If you lose the grip over the rope handle, you may drop the motor in water, and it will be really difficult for you to take it out if the water is deep in that specific area.

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    Ease motor’s powerhead into the water. Powerhead is a part of motor, which has propeller installed on it.

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    Make sure that the propellers are completely under water, and are about 6 to 12 inches into the water. If the propellers or any portion of the propellers remain out of water, then you will not get your desired results with the trolling motor.

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    In case you find that the motor prop is too deep into the water, or vice versa, then you can use adjustment collar or knob, depending on the type of motor you have. Different motors have different options to adjust the depth of the prop.

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