How to Make a Baby Footprint with Your Hand

Baby footprints can be used for creating art work by strategically placing the footprints to give an impression of a walking baby on a piece of paper. This is fun art and if you are good at it, you can experiment by moulding different designs depicted by a baby’s feet.

Things Required:

– White or plain paper
– Paint or ink


  • 1

    The first thing is to spread your sheet of paper on the floor and make sure there is nothing at the base of the paper to cause a bump. If required wipe the floor of the table before placing the paper sheet on it.

  • 2

    Before starting you should have a clear idea of the pattern you want to arrange the baby footprints to make them look cuter and also to give some sort of a meaning to your art work.

  • 3

    You now need to choose one hand which you will be using to make the baby footprints and then make a fist with it by curling it. Hold it in such a way that the thumb is pointing straight up while the side with the pinkie is facing downwards.

  • 4

    Maintaining this position you now need to lower your hand and dip it into the paint and lift it up and see if the hand has been thoroughly coated with the paint. Now hold that fist and set it down on the paper very carefully. Push the fist on the paper by applying some force and then gently (keeping the fist steady) lift it straight up.

  • 5

    You should now have a clear image of a shaped curl, looking like a question mark. This will resemble the bottom of a baby’s foot. This will, however, not have any toes but you will fix this a little later.

  • 6

    Now take your other hand, make a fist and dip it in the paint, take it out and then stamp it on the paper but maintain a proper distance between the prints so that the prints give an impression of a walking baby.

  • 7

    It is better that you use the fingers of your other hand to hold the paper down when removing your coloured fist from the paper, by doing so you will be able to prevent smearing the prints.

  • 8

    To make things easier you can first apply prints with one hand, then clean it and start printing with the other hand. This way you will be able to prevent your paper from being spoiled with paint on the hand which you use to help lift the coloured hand off the paper.

  • 9

    Once you are done, you now need to make the toes for which you will dip your fingers and thumbs in the paint and then print on the paper just above the footprints, giving you nicely shaped toes.

  • 10

    Now leave the paper for a while to let the paint dry after which you will be done.

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