How to Make a Bathroom into a Bubble Palace

If you are bored from taking regular bath and want to have fun then turning your bathroom into a bubble palace is the right thing to do. This is not only for children but adults can also enjoy making a bubble palace along with taking a warm bubble bath. This will let them have a fun and remember times when they were young.

Bubble baths are not only for fun but it also relax muscles and give immunity boost. It is also used for lymph-node clearing and circulation stimulation.

Things Required:

– Bathroom
– Bucket
– Bottle of Shampoo


  • 1

    Get a bottle of shampoo

    First of all you need to get a bottle of shampoo. Make sure it is full but remember not to use a branded or expensive shampoo. You can use normal and cheap shampoo bottle for making your bathroom a bubble palace.

    You can also use a shampoo bottle which you have bought and left or bottle you don’t like present in your house.

  • 2

    Pour shampoo in a bucket

    Next you need to get a bucket first and then put shampoo in it. You should use small quantity of shampoo which will create bubbles.

    Remember to make sure the quantity you are using is not too less or too much.

  • 3

    Fill the bucket with water

    After pouring the small amount of shampoo in the bucket, you need to fill it with water. You should fill the bucket half by the normal tap water which is available in your bathroom.

    You should be looking at bubbles inside the bucket.

  • 4

    Turn the bucket upside down

    Next you need to turn the half-filled bucket upside down. Allow the bubbles to land on the floor.

    Remember that the bucket may be heavy so in order to turn bucket upside down, you can take help from your parent.

  • 5

    Repeat the process for more bubbles

    You need to repeat the whole process to make another half-filled bucket with bubbles and upside down it again for more bubbles. Continue repeating the process until you have enough bubbles lying on the bathroom floor.

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