How to Make a Candle Apple Holders

Apple candle holders make a great centrepiece for the coffee table or the mantelpiece during the holiday season. The sight of bright red apple candle holders nestled on a bed of evergreens is sure to raise everybody’s holiday cheer, and delight all those who are present with the soft glow of candles and the fresh aroma of apples.

Things Required:

– 6 red apples
– 6 white taper candles
– Cast iron muffin tin
– Evergreens
– Cones
– Orange
– Holly sprigs
– Apple corer/knife
– Vegetable peeler


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    To begin with, prepare the apples. Start by selecting 6 large, red, and hard apples. The traditional type of apple to use for this purpose is a red delicious, but you may use any kind as long as it is red. Wash these thoroughly, and then proceed to polish them with a soft cloth. You can add a drop of vegetable oil to the cloth before you begin polishing, to give the apples an extra-appealing shine.

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    Then, using the apple corer, or a small sharp knife, take out a portion of the apple from the stem end. The size of this hole needs to be enough to hold the candles (you can make it by measuring the base of one of the candles), and deep enough to hold a candle securely. Once the hole has been made, pour in some lemon juice to prevent the apple from decaying and turning an ugly brown. Let the lemon juice sit inside the apple for a while, then pour it off and allow it to dry.

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    Next, drop some melted wax into the holes of the apples, and fit in the candles securely – hold the candles in the holes for a while, until they stand up firmly on their own. To add a further decorative effect, use a vegetable peeler to scrape curls of orange peel off the oranges, and place a curl around the base of each candle.

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    Once this is done, it’s time to create the bed of evergreens. String the evergreen boughs together by using wire. String some pine cones together with wire, and attach this to the evergreens too. Fix on sprigs of holly and red berries at intervals, to give the whole thing a splash of colour.

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    Finally, spread out some white lace, and place the muffin tin on top of this. Drape the evergreen swags around the base of the muffin tin, and put the apple candle holders in the tin. Add an evergreen sprig or two in between the candles, and your quick and easy holiday centrepiece is ready.

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