How to Make a Container Water Garden

Container water garden is very attractive and can be a perfect and a really valuable addition to the overall beauty of your house. You can place it in your porch, backyard or deck.

It is not very difficult to make your own container water garden. All you need is a little time and few specialised tools.

Things Required:

– Large watertight container
– Sand or gravel
– Optional garden features: fish, snails and fountain kit
– Water
– Aquatic plant fertilizer
– Small pots
– Bricks and extra pots
– Aquatic plants
– Soil or clay


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    The first step is to choose a good container for your water garden. You can easily buy a half barrel from a market near your house. However, if you don’t want to use a barrel, you can acquire a square wooden container or a large flower pot. In addition, you can also use an old bathtub, small kiddie pools or a horse watering trough.

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    After getting the desired container, you have to make it waterproof. In order to make the surface of the container watertight, you will have to use a sealing agent or a heavy-gauge trash bag. However, if the container is already watertight, you can use it without making any adjustments.

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    After that, you have to choose a place which receives the sunlight for around four to six hours per day. Then, fill the container with water, leave at least 1/3 of it empty.

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    Then, you have to make your garden. You must choose plants which will look good in the container. The most common used plants for container water garden include Arrowhead, Fanwort, Umbrella Plant, Water Hyacinth, Water Blue Bells, Horsetail, Japanese Iris, Dwarf Papyrus, Wild Celery, Lotus and Water Lily.

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    Use individual small pots to place the plants of your choice. You may have to use some fertilisers in addition to soil or clay. Then, place the small pots in the container by creating different heights in it by using bricks.

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    You can also add fish, fountain kit, snails or any other things of your choice to the container water garden.

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