How to Make a Crop Circle

Crop circles are normally associated with supernatural phenomena, which are believed to take place when extra terrestrial life forms visit earth. However, in most cases, it is just ordinary people creating crop circles to drive the media crazy.

Making Crop circles is a slightly complex task, which requires a group of people working in a calculated manner to get the job done. It takes a lot of planning with the right tools, to be able to pull off the right shapes and designs, which help your crop circles look unique.

Things Required:

– A light plank
– A reel or measuring tape or some rope
– Protractor
– Night Vision Goggles
– Laser pointers


  • 1

    Pick a group of friends who can help you create the crop circle. It is not an easy task to create one, so make sure that you have sufficient help when doing so.

  • 2

    Pick the ideal crops to work on which should be ripe, as opposed to them being mushy. This will allow you to easily bend the plants and work with them.

  • 3

    Choose a legal area where you can make crop circles. Sometimes, you might have to get special permission before you make circles in a specific area. Remember to never trespass on other people's property as this is against the law.

  • 4

    Plot your design on a piece of paper or use some computer software to help design it. You need to start off with a simple design, since you are just starting out in the world of making crop circles. Look to build your way up to making more intricate designs later on.

  • 5

    Opt to work in the night, so that your design can take the world by surprise, when someone discovers it in the morning. If you have them, use night vision goggles to help you make your crop circles in the dark.

  • 6

    Before you get to work, you need to line up your angles and designs on the ground using a length of rope. You can also use laser pointers to help you with this step.

  • 7

    Use the plank to start flattening the crops. Apply variable amounts of pressure to get a darker or lighter shade on the crops. Have a friend help push down on the plank when you are looking to go all the way to the bottom. Remember to use the rope to create guidelines for yourself.

  • 8

    You can add to the effect by leaving melted iron, or some weird nests in the crops. This will add to the whole idea that aliens ended up creating these crops and not humans.

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