How to Make a Horse Martingale

It does not matter what purpose a horse serves, whether it is for riding or moving loads while it is tied in a carriage, a horse martingale is one of the basic pieces of horse equipment. There are several types of the horse martingales, a running martingale being the most common one. Here is what you will need in order to make a perfect horse martingale at home.

Things Required:

– 3/16 inch poly braided rope
– 1 Metal swivel snap with two inch ring
– 2 Two-inch metal rings
– Sharp razor blade


  • 1

    The martingale you are making must fit the horse for which it is being made. So saddle and bridle that horse in order to get the dimensions of the martingale correct. Although the martingale will fit most horses but in order to make sure that it is the correct length, you should use a horse for aid.

  • 2

    Tie one end of the 3/16 inch poly braided rope to a two-inch metal ring. Make sure that you secure rope to the ring properly so that it does not loosen while the horse is wearing the martingale. Tying the end of the rope such that it forms a knot around the metal ring should do the trick.

  • 3

    Measure approximately three feet of the poly braided rope and cut it at that point. Now secure the loose end of the rope to a second two-inch metal ring. As before, make sure that the rope is properly tied to the metal ring.

  • 4

    Grab hold of the second rein and pass it through the second metal ring to which you just tied the poly braided rope. When you have run an appropriate length of the rope through the second ring, the rope should be in a hang down position at the front of horse’s chest.

  • 5

    With a sharp razor blade, cut another piece of poly braided rope approximately 18 inches in length. Attach the piece of rope to a metal swivel snap. Knot the rope at the base of the swivel’s snap firmly.

  • 6

    There will be a metal dee ring attached to the cinch. Attach the swivel snap that you just tied to the 18 inches long piece of the braided rope to that metal dee ring by running the piece of rope through the horse’s legs.

  • 7

    Pull at the rope attached to the dee rings in order to move the rope towards the horse’s chest. Adjust the length of the rope attached to the cinch so that you can tie it to the first rope’s middle. When you are done, the two ropes should be forming a Y shape.

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