How to Make a Kirby With Boxing Gloves

Those who are familiar with ASCII artwork know the importance of making different graphical characters through letters and signs. The experts have also designed graphical presentations of numerous TV and cartoon characters. Almost everybody is very much familiar with Kirby – the chief character of Nintendo’s Kirby video game series.

Its graphical presentation is a huge hit. Not only in the artwork, but the Kirby smiley is also being used in the Internet conversations. Similes have become an important part of conversation these days. Sometimes, a smiley explains the situation way better than even a dozen words.

For example, you are talking to your friend through mobile text or Internet and want to express your feeling without using a single word. In this situation, you will surely send a smiley. It is probably the most interesting yet effective way of delivering your message. Otherwise, you will have to write more than a dozen words to explain what you feel.

A Kirby with boxing gloves is equally popular in both artwork and text conversation. Making a Kirby with boxing gloves is not hard by any means. All you need to do is pressing a few simple keys on your keyboard.

Things required:

– Computer
– Keyboard


  • 1

    The procedure of making a boxing Kirby starts with typing a ‘Q’. Make sure you press the ‘Shift’ key before typing a ‘Q. This will help your type in capital letters.

    Since you are not required to type all the stuff in capital letters, there is no need to turn on the ‘Caps Lock’.

  • 2

    After typing a ‘Q’, add an open parenthesis { ( }. Make sure you insert no space between the two letters.

  • 3

    It is the time to add a single quote { }. Pressing the ‘Shift’ key would turn single quote into the double one. Also make sure the ‘Caps Lock’ is turned off.

  • 4

    After the single quite, type a period { . }.

  • 5

    Now, you are required to repeat a single quote. Again, there is no need to press the ‘Shift’ key.

  • 6

    The next step is typing an ‘O’. The alphabet ‘O’, however, should be typed in capital letters. For this, either press ‘Shift’ key or turning the ‘Caps Lock’ on.

  • 7

    Another single quote is needed at this stage.

  • 8

    To finish off the procedure, you are supposed to type a close parenthesis { ) }.

  • 9

    Your final result would be: Q('.'O). This creates a Kirby with boxing gloves.

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