How to Make a Leaded Glass Panel

Making a leaded glass panel can be tricky but with the right technique and proper tools, you can express yourself through a unique form of art. Many think it is a daunting task but you can make a leaded glass panel with some hard work. You need to purchase tools in the beginning but once you have all them then carefully assemble the glass panel. If you like building things then you will certainly enjoy making a leaded glass panel.

Things Required:

– Glazing blocks
– Screws
– Clamps
– U shaped lead
– H shape lead


  • 1

    Setting up your own working area

    Setting up your own working area is very important. Choose a place where you can work comfortably and with freedom. Along with a good vast area, you also need a proper place for glazing blocks to the screws. Also, make sure that all of your important tools are near by so that you can grab whatever you need quickly.

  • 2

    Choosing right pattern

    Choosing the right pattern for the leaded glass panel is the first important thing to do. You can even make three copies for your pattern for your own convenience. You might need more copies for reference. Remember to take your time and make a pattern that is challenging but also achievable with your skill set.

  • 3

    Cutting pieces of pattern copies

    Cutting pieces of pattern copies is also a very good idea. The cut pieces of pattern copies will work as layout or framework for you to build around.

  • 4

    Assemble the panel on your work surface

    After cutting the pieces of pattern copies, start assembling the panel on your work surface as it will also tell you how big your panel is.

  • 5

    Stretch the lead

    Stretching the lead will certainly strengthen it base along with overall structure of the panel as well. Carefully pull the other one end of the lead and clamp all the pieces together. If you feel little resistance in them, it means your lead has fit just right.

  • 6

    Using lead nipper

    For cutting the pieces, you need to use lead nippers. Mostly it comes in an H shape but at the same time look down at the end of the piece of lead, you will see it warping, ensure that you attach it to the main piece. This will create a small path between the lead and the panel and later it will help you assemble it.

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