How to Make a Nog A Sake Cocktail

For one of the refreshing and most potent drinks around, you should make a a Nog A Sake Cocktail. It is easy to make, light in flavor, and very delicious to drink or serve on various occasions throughout the year. Nog A Sake Cocktail’s key to success is that all of its ingredients should be very cold.

After mixing an eggnog and sake, you will have your Nog A Sake Cocktail made in no time. Unlike a majority of cocktails, this one does not contain ice. Additionally, there is no need to garnish it as its eye-catching look and delicious taste is enough to please your guest.

This amazing low calories cocktail is a perfect option to sip during hot summer days. There are many variations of this excellent cocktail but here is the general recipe on how to make a Nog A Sake Cocktail. It makes just one cocktail but increase the quantity of the ingredients in case you want to make more drinks.

Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Serving Size: 01
Utensils: Cocktail Shaker, Cocktail Glass

– (2 ounces) Sake – Ty Ku Sake is preferred
– (1 ounce) eggnog
– Sprinkle of nutmeg


  • 1

    Pour 2 ounces of sake into a cocktail shaker.

    Note: Do not use a mixing glass to make this cocktail as it requires proper shaking. Therefore, it is better to use a cocktail shaker for this purpose.

  • 2

    Top the sake with 1 ounce of eggnog. It is better to use a low-calorie eggnog in case if you are on diet plan.

    Note: Eggnog is basically a sweet dairy-based drink usually made with milk/ cream, beaten egg and sugar.

  • 3

    Now, seal the cocktail shaker tightly and shake until the eggnog and sake mix well and smooth.

  • 4

    Unseal the shaker and gently strain the cocktail into a long stem cocktail glass.

    Note: Try to serve your Nog A Sake Cocktail in a long stem cocktail glass in order to enhance its look.

  • 5

    Sprinkle a dash of nutmeg on the top of the cocktail and serve immediately.

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