How to Make a Page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is, without a doubt, the largest online source for information on virtually any topic. However, there are times when you search for a specific thing and do not find it.

Wikipedia is an open source and whatever is written on it is considered to be public property. You can copy and paste the material you want and then use it. All the material on the website is courtesy of donors from all around the world, and if you want to create some pages for Wikipedia and contribute, it can be done quite easily.

Things Required:

– A computer, laptop or phablet
– Internet Connection


  • 1

    Go to Wikipedia main page first. If you want to make a page or create an article in a language other than English, there is an option for you to choose your preferred language.

    Remember that Wikipedia has two main pages. The page in English is considered to be the actual page. For articles in languages other than English, go to

    On the page (, you can have a look the list of languages through drop-down menu.

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    Type the topic you want to write on in the search box. The search box is located at the top right corner of the main page. It is possible that the topic you want to write on already exists in Wikipedia. However you may want to write on the topic a bit differently. To do that, change a the wording of your topic a little.

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    If the article you want to write does not exist, you will get an option from Wikipedia, offering you to create a page. However, the writing process should not begin until you ask yourself a few key questions: is the article I want to write worthwhile and will people want to read it? Can the article be verified through different sources?

    If you cannot answer these questions, you’d be better off not writing the article because Wikipedia admin summarily deletes those articles that are not worth reading and cannot be checked for references.

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    Create the page now. Once you click on the “Create the page” button, you will be asked to sing up/register first. Create your account. After creating your account, you will be redirected to the page where you can write your article to make a new page.

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