How to Make a Parade Float

People especially kids always have fun by watching parade float on a specific event or in a parade show. Building a parade float was a difficult task in the past but now it has become easy and people can make it without facing any trouble. The reason is that you do not need to start the decoration of a parade float from scratch because you can purchase decorated things from the market. If you want to make your own parade float and do not know how to complete this task effectively then take guidance from this post.


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    First of all, you should borrow or build a flat trailer which will provide a base to your parade float. It will also help in getting an idea of what should be the size of float in order to make it fit on the flat trailer.

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    Then you should also give it a parade committee’s them if you want to participate in a competition. Your theme must be based on a message.

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    Discuss the theme with your team members and after making it finalised, get the approval of this theme from the parade committee.

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    Now this is the time to work on building your parade float and for that purpose you need to construct an outer frame of the parade float by using 2x2 inches wood. Make sure that the bottom of the float should be at least 16 inches high from the ground.

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    After that, you need to cover the flat trailer from all sides with well designed skirt that gives it an eye-catching look.

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    You can choose floral sheeting by cutting them into the desired sizes in order to cover the different parts of the parade float. Make sure you have stapled or fixed it on the surface of the trailer.

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    Make sure you have calculated the measurement of trailer’s perimeter which will help you to know how much festooning and fringe is required.

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    Then staple the decorated fringe at the bottom of the skirt that you have already attached to the front and other sides of the flat trailer. You should make a good use of petal festooning in order to cover the line where fringe meets floral sheeting.

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    Your parade float is almost ready. Now you should secure the props to the top along with glue, tape or staples.

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