How to Make a Penguin Balloon Animal

Re-modelling balloons to make them into animals and different objects commonly used in daily life is a hobby enjoyed by adults and children alike. If you are planning to make a penguin out of inflated balloons, rest assured that the task will be fairly simple if you have basic balloon remodelling skills. If not, you will have to spend some time practicing before you can make a penguin balloon, or any other balloon animals for that matter.

Things Required:

– 1 long black balloon
– 1 long white balloon
– 1 long orange balloon


  • 1

    Take a long, black balloon, inflate it and make a one inch bubble at the end where you knotted the balloon after inflating it. Make the balloon into a long roll by pinching and twisting it approximately 7 inches above the bubble and then folding it over. Once again, twist the balloon over the bubble you made earlier and then create a tri-fold by folding up one third of the balloon. Adjust the length of the third portion by pinching and twisting the balloon until the length of this portion is the same as the other two portions. Complete the tri-fold by wrapping the balloon around the centre twist of the two portions.

  • 2

    Convert the un-inflated balloon length into a hook by grabbing and then pulling it downwards. This will give you your penguin balloon animal’s body, neck and head.

  • 3

    Take a long, white balloon, inflate it and wrap one of the balloon ends around your penguin character’s neck. Lock the balloon in place by tying a knot. Pinch and twist the balloon at the penguin balloon animal’s neck and adjust the balloon in such a manner that it runs down the penguin’s body. At the exact spot where three portions of the black balloon make contact, twist and lock the white balloon as well.

  • 4

    Twist and break off the excess length of the white balloon, leaving only a few inches intact. Use this piece of white balloon for tying off subsequent joints when required.

  • 5

    Take a long, orange balloon, inflate it and make 3 to 4 inch fold twists at its end. Tie a knot around one of the orange balloon ends. Do the same on the other end of the orange balloon. Make the balloon penguin’s feet by pushing the orange balloon through the balloon penguin’s base and then wedging the orange balloon through the folds made by the black and white balloons.

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