How to Make a Personal Logo in Photoshop

Logo is a symbol or a design, which contains the abbreviated or full name of the company or product in most cases. It is arguably the most important element in the image of the company and, in general, to identify it on the market.

Creating a good logo is a difficult task unless it does not consist of mere manipulation of graphic effects. It should give a clear and complete understanding of what feelings you want to give a person who is looking at your creation. It is convenient to create such images in a graphics editor, Adobe Photoshop.


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    You can either edit or you can create any logo by yourself. It depends on your artistic preferences and input data (company name, clan, or organization, symbolism, which is situated on the logo, etc.). Start by creating a transparent background layer.

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    Launch Photoshop, create a new document by pressing the key combination 'Ctrl + N' or select "File" and "Create" in the menu on the top left corner. Set the width and height according to the size of the logo. Set the drop-down list of "Content Background" as "Clear" and then click “OK”.

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    Leave the transparent background layer blank and try to begin work on the elements of the logo. The easiest way to do is to press the key combination Ctrl + J. You can certainly adjust the dialogue to create a new layer. Such dialogue is activated by pressing a combination of hot keys “Shift + Ctrl + N”.

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    When you are done with the logo, store the result in one of the graphic file formats that support transparency. You can use two options to save. One of them could be from the keyboard short cut “Shift + Ctrl + S” or by selecting "Save As" in the "File" menu of Photoshop.

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    If you are confused to choose the optimal ratio or quality to file size, open a new dialogue box using the key combination “Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S” or selecting the line "Save for Web & Devices" in the "File" menu of the editor. Here, set the format GIF, PNG-8 or PNG-16 in the drop-down list, placed in the upper right corner of the form. After that, pick up the quality you want, and then click "Save".

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