How To Make a Seaweed Bath

Over the years, Seaweed, a loose colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae, has emerged as one of the most effective ingredients of bathing to help one’s body to cleansing, strengthening, calming and detoxifying.

Seaweed baths are an excellent way to rejuvenate muscles, tissues, skin and bring perfect balance to one’s body. Seaweeds are the purifiers and balance of the vast ocean, and they can do the same to your body if used properly.

A hot seaweed bath is just like taking a wet steam sauna but more effective, as the sea ingredients brings balance to your body rather than dehydrating.

It relaxes the body muscles, releases excessive body fluids from congested cells, and helps dissolving fatty wastes from one’s body and replaces them with potassium and iodine naturally. It also helps reducing acne, psoriasis, back and muscular pains, and works effectively against arthritis.

Seaweed contains large amount of Vitamin K, and it aids the adrenal regulations in your body. In addition, it helps in maintaining hormones in your body for a more attractive and youthful look of your body.

Preparation Time: 45 minutes.
Utensils: Small wagon, bath tub.


– Small wagon for seaweed
– Seaweed (enough to cover the bottom of the small wagon, at least)
– Hot bath
– Herbal Oil (if desired)


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    Gather fresh seaweed from the beach or ocean. If you live near the sea, it will be an easy task to gather the seaweeds needed for a nice hot bath. However, if you live far away from ocean, dried seaweeds or vegetables could be purchased from your local food market.

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    Wash and rinse the acquired seaweed in the sink or under the host before transporting them to your bath tub.

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    Close the drain hole of your bath tub, and place the seaweeds in your bath tub before running hot water. The leaves will turn in a beautiful green colour and will turn the water in a slight brown colour, confirming that the seaweeds have started to release the minerals needed for your body.

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    Rub your skin with the seaweeds during the bath to stimulate the circulation of blood. It will also help the skin to smoothen up and will remove the waste from the top of your skin. Usually, 45 minutes are enough for a seaweed bath that will balance your acid system and fat metabolism. However, the time of the bath varies with each individual, depending upon the seaweeds and one’s skin resurgence.

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