How to Make a Slide Show

When you want to see your vacation pictures or giving a farewell to anyone, you can make a creative slide show. Pick out the pictures you want and with help of some websites, make a DVD or online slide show. Whichever pictures you want, whether it is from your camera, cell phone or photographs on your computer, you can show it in the slide show. In addition to this, you can customise your pictures, organise them and even add music to improve your presentation.

Things Required:

– Internet Connection
– Computer
– Pictures
– Slide Show Website


  • 1

    Upload pictures to your computer

    First you need to put the pictures you want for the slide show on your computer. Attach your digital camera to the computer to transfer the picture that you want to use for your slide show. Make sure you follow the steps to copy or transfer pictures on to the computer. In case you want the pictures from your cell phone, you need to attach it with help of a data cable. Open the specific program to synchronise your phone with the computer and then transfer the pictures. It is advisable for you to make a new folder on your computer and transfer your pictures there. This will keep all the pictures organised for your slide show.

  • 2

    Visit Slideroll or similar websites

    Go to a website like Slideroll in which you can easily make a slide show. Open the blank palette interface by opening the Slideroll creator screen. You will see a box by which you can upload the pictures you want to include in the slide show.

  • 3

    Add photos to the slides

    Next you need to add photos to the slide area in the website. The slide section is located on the left side. Simply drag your photos to the timeline which is located in the bottom of the screen. Then you need to arrange the photos in the way you want and set the time. You can also adjust the starting and stopping point now.

  • 4

    Crop the photos and save the slide show

    You can crop the photos when they are located in the timeline. Later adjust the sizes by dragging the corners. Remember that you can also zoom in on the images. Make sure you preview the slide show and then add some decent music. In the end you need to save the slide show by clicking on the button located near the bottom of the page.

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