How to Make a Study Plan for Exams

Exams are one of the more dreaded and feared part of a student’s life. Everyone has to face them yet only a few, if any are looking forward to them. No matter if one likes them or hates them, they are to be taken and that has to be accepted to plan for them.

The fear of exams is unnecessary and one can do well if they are tackled carefully. If you are willing, you can make an exam schedule and study plan that will work for you like a charm. This will help you be prepared well enough when you take the eventual test.

Making a few good choices will allow you to have a good study plan for the exams and will help you in getting better grades as well.


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    Study before Exams

    Make sure that you have studied reasonably well during the school year and you have a good level of preparation when entering the home stretch. The day school starts, you should start preparing for the exams as that will take the pressure off you in the end.

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    Concentrate on Weak Areas

    Every student is aware of his or her weak points. Concentrate more on them and make sure that you keep them in the start of a study session so that you can utilise maximum energy on these weaknesses. Do make sure that you work hard on other areas as well as you do not want to divert all your attention to just a few hard things.

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    Study in Periods

    Unless you are someone who can have one long 8 hour study session without much trouble, it is best to study with intervals. You can study for two hours constantly and then take half an hour break and then head back for some more studying. Taking breaks will help you in keeping yourself going and will also reduce the stress that you will be taking.

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    Do Not End Other Activities

    Some people give up their life in exams. That’s not the right way to go. Humans are built to take stress to a certain level and although you can force yourself to push the limits, it will only harm you and make it harder for you to study. Having a bit of a chit chat with friends or watching some television can remove a lot of the stress and can keep you going. Make sure that you get enough sleep as well. Most people kill their sleep in exams and that can backfire right in the middle of the test.

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