How to Make a Vesper Cocktail

The Vesper cocktail is a famous drink and it is also known as Vesper Martini and it is made by making use of kina Lillet, vodka and gin but it has many other variations as well. The main recipe of the drink is mentioned in famous James Bond series Casino Royal novel in which it was published in 1953 and the recipe itself was invented and named by fictional secret agent James Bond.

The ingredients used in the drink are unique in nature as now days it is difficult to find Kina Lillet and their alternative known as White or Blanc Lillet is easily available in the markets which is made of dry vermouth and is French ingredient. You can make Vesper cocktail by following very easy steps in 5 minutes.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Utensils Required: Electric shaker, large cocktail glass

Serving size: One serving


– Three parts of Gordon’s gin
– Half part of Kina Lillet or White or Blanc Lillet
– One part of high quality vodka
– Lemon peels for garnishing purpose
– Ice cubes as required


  • 1

    Take an electric shaker and add three portions of Gordon’s gin in it along with half part of Kina Lillet or White or Blanc Lillet and one part of high quality vodka.

  • 2

    Shake both of the ingredients very well to make it ice cold.

  • 3

    Now add some ice cubes in the drink as required and pour the drink in serving glass and garnish it with large lemon peel.

  • 4

    Refreshing and famous Vesper cocktail is ready to serve! Serve chilled.

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