How to Make Airbrush Stencils At Home

Airbrushing is an art in and of itself. It opens up a number of possibilities to add details and multiple layers on not just a small area or section but an entire piece. The tool has picked up popularity due to the possibilities it opens up for the artist.

However, every tool has its limitations and one such is that of the airbrush as to how sharp one can make their work. Yet, one can use stencils in order to get the desired results as well.

Things Required:

– Art Paper
– Paper Cutter
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Printer
– Computer
– Internet
– Masking Tape


  • 1

    The first step is to find the shape or design you wish to airbrush on the internet. Look for whether or not it comes with a stencil form.

  • 2

    Save the file on to the computer or laptop and make sure it is connected to the printer.

  • 3

    Place the Art paper into the printer, you may have to put it to A4 or legal size. Be sure to print a few extra in case you make an error while cutting the stencil out.

  • 4

    Print the design on the art card.

  • 5

    Cut out the areas where you wish for the paint to penetrate through the paper and on to the desired surface. For the straighter lines use a ruler and the paper cutter and for the finer details and curves we would recommend using the scissors. Remember to take some time when cutting out your stencil as you do not want to make the wrong cut and ruin it.

  • 6

    Using masking tape to seal of the area on the surface that you do not wish to add paint to and also ensure that the end result is what you desire.

  • 7

    Also make sure that the stencil edges are sharp and if there are any unwanted gaps then you may use masking tape to add more lines there as well.

  • 8

    The main thing to remember is that art needs to come from the soul. It should not be copying someone else, so try to come up with your own stencil designs or create stencils of things and items that no one else has used. Try to be creative and put some of your own self into the art as well.

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