How to Make an Alphabet Photo Montage Piece of Fine Art

Alphabet photo montage piece of fine art is basically a concept in which you take pictures of different daily life objects in a way that they resemble different alphabets, and you can use different photos to spell out a single word. You can find such photos from different high-end photo studios and fine art stores, however, you can make them yourself, to give them some more meaning, compared to the generic pictures you purchase from the market. You can take pictures of some of your favourite places and objects, in order to give the art a personalised touch.


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    You should always try to take your camera with you, wherever you go outside. You should take pictures on daily basis, and of anything special that comes in front of you. You can take pictures of different objects from different angles, and you will witness that some objects will resemble with alphabets.

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    If you find any object that resembles with any alphabet, you should try to take as many photos as you can – you can take around 5 to 10 photos in such case. In digital cameras, you can take a number of photos without wasting film. Therefore, you can take advantage of this feature, if you own a digital camera.

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    Review all you images and see if there are any letters missing from your collection. If you find that some of the alphabets still need to be captured, then you can arrange some of your household items in a way that they should resemble with the letters you are missing. You can make a checklist and check the box against every alphabet you find.

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    Once you are done with taking images for all objects that resemble with all alphabets, you can save them in your computer, and edit them using any image editing software program. You can change the colour schemes of the images, in order to enhance the letters present in the photographs.

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    You can then take the images to a local photo lab and get them printed. You can also order the prints from any online photo printing website.

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    After you get the prints, you can mat and frame them one by one and hang them close together on your room’s wall. You can also place multiple photos on a single mat and then frame them as per your needs.

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