How to Make an Aromatherapy Compress

Aromatherapy is an unconventional technique used for treating internal injuries, headaches and a number of other uncomfortable conditions. Before a patient can be treated with aromatherapy, a hot or cold compress needs to be prepared. Depending on the condition you plan to treat using the aromatherapy compress, you will have to choose the correct set of essential oils. Making a compress for aromatherapy is a fairly easy task and should not take long.

Things Required:

– Piece of clean cloth sized to the area to be treated
– Essentials oils
– Plastic wrap
– Bandage
– Bowl of water, preferably distilled


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    Depending on the type of injury or ailment you plan to cure, choose an essential oil. Sunburn, headaches, and muscle aches are best treated with eucalyptus, while ginger can be very useful in providing relief from stiffness. Rashes, headaches, and menstrual cramps can be treated using chamomile, whereas migraines and cystitis pain can be treated using lavender.

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    Determine which compress will be required; hot or cold. Hot compresses are ideal for improving blood circulation, relieving muscle aches, or treating arthritis, boils, cystitis and menstrual cramps. On the other hand, cold compresses are ideal for reducing swelling and treating fever, headaches and sprains. You may have to alternate between cold and hot compresses for treating conditions similar to arthritis and sprains.

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    Two drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil mixed with two tablespoons of witch hazel and a pint of distilled water should be used to prepare a cold compress, in order to speed up the healing process and relieve swelling.

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    In case of a sports injury, you will need to alternate between hot and cold compresses. Blood circulation can be simulated and the swelling on the injured area can be reduced using a mixture comprising one cup of water and three to four drops of both lavender and ginger essential oils. To treat the burning sensation that is often experienced after an injury, add three drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the aforesaid mixture.

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    Headaches can be eased using a cold aromatherapy compress. Two drops of chamomile and one drop of lemon essential oil work best for treating even the severest of headaches. Make sure you apply this compress to the forehead in a quiet, darkened room for about half an hour.

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    Make the aromatherapy compress with a piece of clean cotton cloth. Re-size the piece of cloth if required so that it fits the affected area. Mix a pint of water (hot or cold, as per preferences) and necessary essential oils, and soak the cloth in that mixture. Carefully heat the aromatherapy compress in an oven or cool it in a freezer.

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    Properly wring the piece of cloth to remove excess liquid and then spread the piece of cloth over the affected area. Secure the compress by means of a plastic wrap and bandage. Wait until the compress attains body temperature before removing it. Repeat the same process as many times as necessary.

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