How To Make Any Girl Fall For You

As a guy, getting a girl to fall for you is one of the most daring things you are going to have a hard time getting done in your lifetime. Most guys have been deceived into believing that ‘’all women ONLY want the same things,’’ which is: money, fame and power. Even though there is an iota of truth to be held from that belief, it all boils down to the type of girl you are looking to secure. While most ladies want a guy that will lavish them with money and adventure, others just want a simple and caring guy that will be there to love them unconditionally. So instead of getting your hopes high about winning any girl’s heart, simply because you have money, or because of your good looks try a new approach get girls to fall for you.


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    Understand the girl

    The conventional ‘’hunter and prey’’ method always works the best in such cases. Every prey has a point where they are most vulnerable, likewise ladies. So firstly, you need to observe what makes her tick and by so doing, it will grant you access to her mind and as such, you can successfully create and entry point into her personal space.

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    Make yourself attractive

    People can be vain, in the sense that, we tend to focus on the things we can see. Do not disregard the power of first impressions. When you are around them, make sure to make yourself noticed. Sure, you might be the soulful guy, wanting to be get her attention through your inner qualities like your honesty, loyalty for example but perception is reality my friend.

    So if you do not dress well, keep good hygiene and maintain a positive attitude (just to name a few) you cannot realistically expect any change. Seek advice to improve on yourself to make sure there is something that she must find extraordinarily attractive about you.

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    Enter her space

    This is the point where you have to successfully direct her sense of attraction towards you. The easiest way to do this is to find a place or item of common interest. Maybe you attend the same classes, go to the same library, live in the same neighborhood, work in the same office or you may even both like the same beverage. Whatever the case, you need to approach her in a respectful but confident manner.

    This is the hardest part where you expose yourself, to have plan and execute. If you have a cover story, like a “study proposal” or you want her number, get into her personal space and execute your plan with garnish i.e. some light small talk or subtle compliment for her. Remember to smile warmly as you talk to her and look into her eyes with a soft gaze to get her relaxed.

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    Hold her attention

    You are now registered in her head. Make sure to never stray far away from her ‘’life circle,’’ otherwise the only thing you are likely to secure with her would be nothing more than a simple ‘’hello’’ of a causal friend. Do not badger her or smoother her, let her breathe but do follow up. Keep it casual and friendly but do not make yourself overtly available, to avoid falling into the friend zone.

    Girls will respond differently in these situations but remember the key is to keep her guessing. She would have gotten a hint of your intentions but you cannot show your hand just yet. The idea here is keep her guessing to add to the culmination.

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    Ask her out

    By now, you should have created a certain level of excitement and nervousness within her. Isolate her to make her feel special and engage in brief conversation about your intentions to take her out. Maintain eye contact and a good posture, subtle signs of confidence and then tell her you have to leave but take her number, which you will get.

    She will be anticipating a text or call from you throughout the night, but do not engage.
    The next day, go see her and apologize saying you thought that you should invite her out in person not over the phone. With her interest peaked and her ego boosted, you just have to say where you are planning to take her out. And just like that you have booked a romantic date!

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