How To Make Brown Rice Taste Better

Cooking brown rice is quite an easy task and it doesn’t take much time. However, most people claim that they fail to get the desired taste despite trying different techniques to prepare this recipe.

If you wish to make the rice taste better, you have to cook it in an unconventional manner. Moreover, you can add some ingredients of your choice such as vegetables or any other things you like. Even if you cook the rice alone, you can prepare something separately for it and serve it to your family.

Prep time: 5 min
Cook time: 45 min
Total time: 50 min
Yield: 6 servings
Utensils: Strainer, Bowl, Pot, Spatula, Plate, Stove

Brown rice: 2 cups
Water: 20 cups
Seasonings: to taste


  • 1

    Prepare the rice

    Add a couple of cups of rice to a medium sized bowl and look for any unwanted objects. Remove them carefully and check a few times in order to make sure that there is no residue left.

  • 2

    Wash the rice

    There are different ways of washing the rice. One is by putting it in a bowl filled with water and then stirring it for a couple of minutes before changing the water again. The better thing would be to put all of the rice in a strainer and open a tap of cold water over it. The rice will be properly washed by itself and you will not be required to do anything extra for it.

  • 3

    Put rice in a bowl

    After you have washed the rice and removed the unnecessary objects, put it in a bowl and set it aside for a while.

  • 4

    Prepare the pot

    In the meanwhile, pour 20 cups of water in a large quart pot and bring it to a boil. Remember, you don’t have to put the rice in the water until it boils.

  • 5

    Pour brown rice into pot

    Once the water comes to a boil, put all of the rice in it. Reduce the heat of the stove otherwise the water will come out of the pot. Continue cooking the rice for about 30 minutes and keep on stirring after a few minutes with the help of a spatula.

  • 6

    Strain the rice

    After half an hour, strain the rice just like you would if you were making pasta. Put it back inside the pot and simmer for 10 minutes to get your delicious brown rice cooked.

  • 7

    Season and serve

    Add some seasonings to the rice and serve in a plate.

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