How To Make Cell Phone Batteries Last Longer

Cell-phone has become a necessity rather than a luxury in recent years. The communication device allows people to stay in touch, conduct business, manage their finances, etc. There is no denying the immense amount of utility packed in the small yet extremely useful device.

One issue that some people tend to experience with their cell-phone is its battery, which keeps running low. This can happen at some really critical times, making it even more frustrating.

Fortunately, there are some measures that can be taken to keep the cell-phone battery from dying down too quickly.


  • 1

    Turn down the brightness of your phone’s screen. The LCD screen consumes a lot of power, thus causing it to deplete faster. While you need the brightness on the screen to be able to read the content on it, lowering it down to 50 percent or slightly below that can let you view the screen, while at the same time make the battery last longer.

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    Instead of setting your cell phone to alert you through both ringtone and vibration, select only one mode of alert depending on where the cell-phone is. If the cell-phone is in your pocket, activating vibration alert while deactivating ringtone alert will serve the purpose well. If the cell-phone is lying in the purse, simply turn on the ringtone alert, while turning off the vibration alert. Keeping both the alerts activated at the same time makes little sense.

  • 3

    If your cell-phone is a smartphone, make sure that the background applications are closed. A common misconception about smartphones is that switching applications closes them. This is not the case. The application you switch from keeps running in the background and thus keeps on consuming battery. Properly exit an application when you are not using it.

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    Turn the Bluetooth off when not in use. A lot of users have the Bluetooth feature activated all the time. Switch it off if you are not transferring any data to or from another device. This will save a considerable amount of battery, thus allowing it to last longer.

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    Try to keep your battery under room temperature. Extreme conditions such as direct sunlight cause the battery to get excessively hot and thus reduces its life.

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    Decreasing screen standby time also allows the cell-phone battery last longer. Change the screen standby time from the settings menu. Also make it a habit to lock the screen manually when you are done using the phone.

  • 7

    Turn off the push notifications on your cell-phone, fetching data associated with e-mails manually instead.

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