How to Make Facial Toner with Essential Oils

Use of essential oils is known since ancient times. The most popular and economical method of obtaining essential oils is distillation. More people now use natural cosmetics that are free from all sorts of additives and impurities.

If you want your skin to look beautiful and well maintained, you should pay special attention to it. First of all, look at the various skin care products that you use.

Natural oils are one of the most essential and unique products used for skin care of the body. If you look at the beneficial properties, they are superior to other cosmetic products in many ways. They have don not have dyes, preservatives or other artificial substances that cause allergic reactions.

Things Required:

– Distilled water
– Chlorine bleach
– Vegetable oil
– Wax
– Preservative
– Whisk
– A bottle or jar


  • 1

    Determine how many grams of lotion or face toner you are going to make. In usual cases, the main components should be added with the following percentage.

    Water: 60-80%
    Oil: 10-30%
    Emulsifying wax: 3-7%.

  • 2

    Disinfect your tools and containers. Soak them in a 10% solution of chlorine bleach for 20 minutes. Rinse with clean water and dry. Note the amount of water and oil. Pour oil and water into separate containers. Remember to take your time and do not rush through this step.

  • 3

    Record this formulation with all the ingredients and include water, vegetable oils, waxes, preservatives, essential oils and any other components. Heat the oil and the wax until it melts. A solution of water and oil must resemble skim milk but a certain amount of oil may float on the surface in this preparation stage.

  • 4

    Continue whisking until an emulsion is formed. Leave the mixture to cool for 3 minutes. Whisk again, until the lotion takes the shape of a thick cream. Add the essential oil into the lotion. Pour the lotion into a bottle or jar.

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    You can now properly store and use your homemade essential oils for any purpose. You might also want to make some extra using this same method to provide your friends or family members with these excellent essential oils.

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