How to Make Fake Blood for Halloween

Halloween is celebrated all over the world at the end of October, the last day of the month.

The roots of Halloween date back to the beliefs of the ancient Celts, who lived in the territory of modern Ireland. This is a typical pagan festival with a rich history, but unlike many other pre-Christian holidays, it is still celebrated. In fact, it has spread throughout the world and is widely celebrated, especially by young people.

People buy specialized dresses for this event and spread fake blood over their costumes in order to give an original look. In this article, we will detail simple methods to make fake blood.

Things Required:

– Cornstarch
– Beetroot
– Water
– Thick Syrup
– Food coloring
– Fabric paint
– Wallpaper paste
– Ketchup


  • 1

    If your celebration does not include the part in which you have to pour the blood into your own mouth, you can use red water paint. If you think that the conventional watercolor paint is too thin, use the fabric paint (it is sold at art stores) to cover your clothes in red. You can also use enamel or emulsion, but their stains are not that easily removable (you will need a thinner for that which can affect the fabric).

  • 2

    Artificial blood, which can be taken into mouth, should be made only from food components. For example, you can use the beet juice. To prepare artificial blood, boil beetroot in water, add starch in the resulting liquid until it thickens.

  • 3

    Another thing which can be helpful in this regard is thick strawberry syrup. You can buy it from the confectionery department of any supermarket. If necessary, add a little cornstarch to it. If you cannot buy strawberry syrup, you can take liquid chocolate and mix it with dry red food colour.

  • 4

    Ketchup can be another alternative to edible artificial blood. It is an item generally available off the shelf.