How to Make Fingerless Gloves

If you want to keep you hands warm and retain easy movement of your fingers at the same time, a pair of fingerless gloves is the best option for you. A fingerless glove, as its name suggests, does not cover the fingers of your hand and thus does not affect their movement so that you can easily do the routine chores while wearing the gloves.

It is very easy to make fingerless gloves yourself, especially if you happen to have a pair of normal gloves that you can easily sacrifice because you no longer use them.


  • 1

    Choose a pair of gloves, old or new it does not matter a lot. A pair of gloves that you were going to throw out anyways because it had holes in the fingers will best serve the purpose.

  • 2

    On a clean, flat surface, such as the top of a kitchen counter, lay down one of the gloves.

  • 3

    Mark the gloves in a place where you will be cutting off the fingers using a tailor's chalk. You can do this with the help of a ruler or by wearing the glove and marking it at the point where the knuckles start.

  • 4

    Similarly mark the other glove. Take a pair of sharp fabric scissors and cut off the fingers from both of the gloves. Use the markings you made in the earlier step as a reference line.

  • 5

    Finally, to make the gloves ready for use, you need to stitch the edges of each finger. This may be tricky if you have not done needlework in the past but still you must do it because if you leave the fingers unstitched, the gloves will further unravel.

  • 6

    After you are finished stitching the fingers, you have successfully made a pair of fingerless gloves. Try it on and make any modifications if necessary.

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