How to Make Handcrafted Quilts For Cash

If you enjoy making handcrafted quilts at home as a hobby, you can easily start selling your items for cash. Basically turn your hobby in to a profitable business that is not only fun but will keep you busy for hours at a time. People love buying handcrafted items all over the world as the time and patience required to make these items adds to the value and exclusivity of your products. If you feel that you want to take your hobby of making handcrafted quilts to the next level and sell them for cash then there are a few simple guidelines that you should follow.


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    Organise Quilts:

    It is very important that you organise all of your handcrafted quilts. This can be done by size or style and always make sure to keep an up to date list of all your quilts. Also, make a list and organise information regarding the quilts that you will be making in the future as well.

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    Price Quilts:

    Be sure to put a price on each of your handcrafted quilts. Search the internet and find handcrafted quilts that might be for sale to see the prices. Remember to price your quilts competitively so that you have a better chance of attracting customers and making some money.

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    Start Website:

    Start your own website offering your handcrafted quilts. If you are not that technical then either pay someone to make it for you or find a free hosting service that offers a little web space for your information. This will attract a lot of customers that are looking to buy handcrafted quilts. Be sure to put nice pictures of the different quilts that you offer on your website so that customers can see what they are buying.

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    Visit Handcraft Shows:

    Look for and visit various handcraft trade shows which are usually happening all over your city. If feasible, try to book a small stall so that you can show other people interested in buying quilts your stock.

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    Post Flyers:

    Design simple easy to read flyers and post them all over the city. Be sure to make them colourful so that they will attract attention.

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    Put an ad out in the local newspaper and if possible a handcrafts trade magazine or newsletter. Try not to spend too much money with advertisements as they can get expensive. Remember to keep your ad simple and to the point.

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    Take Special Orders:

    If you can, try to take special orders from customers on the type and style of quilt that they want to purchase from you. Be sure to give them a feasible time frame for delivery as you will be making it custom for them.

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