How to Make Headlights Look Slanted

The car lovers always want to give an innovative or different look to their cars and making changes headlights is the most prominent change that one can bring in the outlook of a car. Headlights are an important part of a car and giving a slanted look to headlights gives an enticing look to the car. However, it is a bit tricky to make the headlights of your look slanted and you have to do it in a systematic way. If you want to learn how you can make headlights of your car look slanted then keep reading this article.


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    First of all, you should determine that how much area of your headlights you want to cover for giving it a slanted look because it is very important to make perfection in the outward appearance of the headlights.

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    You should buy a vinyl headlight trim which should be slanted. The headlight trims are easily available in different colours on aftermarket spare part stores. You can check the two leading aftermarket stores are Mod Search and Street Performance.

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    Check these stores and if they do not have your required size of vinyl headlight trim then order your desired size and they will arrange it for you in a few days or sometimes in a few hours.

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    Vinyl headlight trim is very easy to install and people from all over the world use these trims in order to make the headlights of their cars look slanted. So, you should try your best to find your required vinyl headlights trim.

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    After buying a vinyl headlights trim, you should properly clean that area of your car’s headlights where you want to install the headlights trim.

  • 6

    Make sure you have purchased a vinyl headlights trim that is like a sticker which will give a perfect slanted look to your car’s headlights.

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    Now you should line up the vinyl headlights trim on the specific part of your car’s headlights. Make sure it is on the exact place where you want it to be.

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    The vinyl headlights trim should be on the edge of the hood and also on the edge of headlights which will make vinyl headlights trim a part of the headlights.

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    Now you should stick the vinyl headlights trim on the headlight starting from the outside towards the inside. Make sure you make it smooth along with sticking in order to stick it perfectly.

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